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Love Shoot: Ashley and James

“The story of my life…together with you” We collaborated with Ashley and James to create a unique story that would narrate to their personality and their sense of style. Between their passion for each other, love for camping, and tenderness towards cupcakes came to live a love scene; incorporating their joyous lifestyle and inner beauty. […]

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Pheonix Wedding Photography: Stacy and Val

Picture a perfect wedding. Not too big, not too small. Just perfect. Relaxed, filled with true emotions, with lots of family and amazing friends who flew in from all around United States to celebrate your big day! It says a lot about the couple, doesn’t it? 🙂 Stacy and Val are both active duty military. […]

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Denver Wedding Photography:Tease You

While I have a lot of editing ahead of me, which I am really looking forward to, I decided to post a little teaser from Ashley and James’s Love Shoot. I always loved the looks of love (yes a lot of Ls there) and showing it off in my pictures gives me a lot of […]

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Colorado Wedding Photographer: His Canvas

God’s canvas, empty Creating scenery. Detail by detail. All perfection. Slanting slopes, shimmering bodies of waters. You create land. You fling the moon and sun into your skies; creating light Splatter painting he does; spilling shiny stars Darkened clouds painted about; fluffy white ones to go with. Blowing to dry your painting. You breathe life. […]

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