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Denver infant photography: Juliet Mae

I had the honor of photographing my “first wedding” baby, Juliet Mae. She is adorable beyond words can describe. I anticipated cuddling with her and playing, but she really likes to sleep!!! Not that I am complaining; photographing babies while they are sleeping is much easier, but I really want to squeeze those chubby cheeks! […]

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Colorado Wedding Photographer: His Canvas

God’s canvas, empty Creating scenery. Detail by detail. All perfection. Slanting slopes, shimmering bodies of waters. You create land. You fling the moon and sun into your skies; creating light Splatter painting he does; spilling shiny stars Darkened clouds painted about; fluffy white ones to go with. Blowing to dry your painting. You breathe life. […]

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Cradling a Miracle

For nine months I cradle you within and wonder. Nine months before I can hold my heart in my arms. Nine months for you to arrive but I’ve known you forever… Janis Chrissikos

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Tara Ames-Noel, Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch: Portraits

Tara is the co-owner of the Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch, a premier 400 acre private estate – an immaculate Colorado Ranch venue, offering a five-star service and beautiful surroundings. A perfect venue for hosting weddings, corporate, and nonprofit events. A Colorado mountain wedding destination location. Yes, I got this from their web site. This time […]

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