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My Life and More

Kissing Tree: Lola loves Nasim

I frequent wedding, photography blogs to get inspired and feel all the love they pour in their blog sphere. Although I do not have many blogs that can truly inspire me, I have collected the ones that call my name over and over again. One of the blogs I really like is Elizabeth Messina’s Kiss […]

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Big O’s Birthday and Raspberries

Omar turned 4! He is a big boy now and I promised him that big boys get to make their own menu. Interesting how by 4 they already know what they want, how they want it to be done and how it all needs to be executed. He started with wanting a raspberry cheesecake, went […]

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Personal Headshot Session

I’ve been working with CRAVE Denver – an urban girl’s guide to all that you CRAVE for the past 3 months and have been loving every second of it. As a photographer, I took pictures of businesses run by women, later providing the images to CRAVE designers and earned myself a spot in the book. Having […]

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