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My Life and More

Off the topic

At times when we do not photograph weddings, Nasim and I like to keep creativity flowing or just give ourselves something to work on. It could be a small project, big project and most of all a fun project. While I will post more images from this photo shoot, I wanted to share a glimpse […]

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This post is dedicated to my dear friend Mary. My readers may not know what is going on but I want everyone to relate to my words without knowing the cause or without connecting it to any event. Mary knows that I tend to mumble a lot and this time I decided to put my […]

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Birthday and July madness

Internet, I am officially 30 today! I guess those days when I longed to turn 18 and wanted to grow up very fast to conquer the world with a quick sweep of my hands are long gone. Never thought I would actually miss what I left behind many, many years ago as a child. Though […]

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